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Imagine Your Own Environmental Film Festival - Right in Your Home

Do you believe good films change the way we see things? Would you like to see a few smart films every other month that take a stand for the environment and show how you can make a difference?

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Chasing Wild Horses Follow famous fashion photographer Roberto Dutesco as he makes an unprecedented trip to Sable Island, a nature preserve and narrow crescent-shaped sandbar off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. The island is home to over 300 free-roaming feral horses which are protected by law from human interference. Dutesco wanders this untouched habitat and photographs its remarkable and wildly beautiful inhabitants with a sensitive and compassionate eye.
49 minutes, directed by Matt Trecartin.

Vitya The Recycling Man Here in the states we have curbside recycling. Have you ever wondered how people in other countries participate in the recycling process? In rural India, take a look at a simple and friendly approach. Meet Vitya who lives off the grid and uses a bicycle to make collections. You’ll also find out why folks are truly pleased to see him as he gathers the neighborhood’s recyclables!
10 minutes, directed by Shyla Lee.

Every Third Bite This playful and colorful excursion honors bees, beekeepers and the ancient dance between the two. From the rooftops of New York City to abandoned lots in Chicago, meet bee activists in urban and rural places who are keeping wild bees and meanwhile producing the best tasting honey in the world. You’ll learn to celebrate the fact that every third bite you consume is pollinated by a bee and that this shrinking population of busy workers is irreplaceable. This film is produced by an unusual group, The Meerkat Media Arts Collective out of Brooklyn, New York, comprised of filmmakers and artists who believe in the spirit of collaboration and cooperation.
9 minutes, directed by Meerkat Media Arts Collective.

The Greening of Southie From the co-producers that brought us King Corn, Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis now share a dynamic portrait of the future of green building in America. From wheatboard cabinetry to recycled steel, bamboo flooring to dual flush toilets, the Macallen Building in south Boston is an exercise in changing neighborhood perceptions about going green and the risks and rewards of such an investment. Using phenomenal photography and time-lapse, this highly detailed and intimate look at the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification process is funny, poignant and finally truly inspiring.
72 minutes, directed by Ian Cheney.

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