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Blog Action Day - One Day On Earth

Blog Action Day is now behind us. It was an overwhelming success, with more than 20.000 blogs participating! Since no one can read 20.000 posts, I have chosen some for you to read here. My aim is to make the whole action more sustainable, so I recycle these posts, in order to not waste these precious contributions that are well worth reading long after Blog Action Day!

Come with me on a journey and see how beautiful our planet is - and how it suffers.

All posts were written on October 15 th - in honor of The Environment. Truly "A Day On Earth".

emil petru from Romania (in Romanian)
blogs about Copsa Mica (in English): "Copsa Mica is an industrial town located in the center of Romania. It is the blackest town in the world and the most polluted town in Europe." See the really frightening photos and read the horrible facts. Nobody has commented on this post yet, I think everybody reading this should go and say something to Emil Petru. Don't leave the Romanians alone. You can also sign a petition, "STOP the pollution at Copsa Mica", the link is here:
Copsa Mica - Blog Action Day

Marie Sans Importance from France (in French)
Marie did not feel inspired on October 15th - so she just posted a collection of Environment links in French while waiting for inspiration - great resource for French speaking people. Also she chose Richie Havens' "Freedom - Motherless Child" as chanson du lundi (Monday Song) which I think is a very inspired choice for our planet Earth on Blog Action Day! Enjoy the Woodstock feel.
blog action day - des liens en attendant

Ninetynine Problems from Nepal (in English)
Deelip Khanal has posted about a journey of his to a place called Ghorepani, close to the Himalaya, and he stands in awe of the beauty this place has. See and feel the beauty when you read his post and look at his picture.
Trekking to Ghorepani

Sea Fever from USA (in English)
Sea Fever tells us about how they "were on a family holiday in Southwold, Suffolk, UK, one of the most magical places in the world" and enjoyed the magnificent beach. Wonderful photos there! BUT: "That evening a wick storm roared into town turning the surf from blue to mocha in the process" - and very different photos after that! The pictures say it all, listen to what they say...
Littersea: A tragedy in the making (Blog Action Day!)

The Jose Vilson from USA (in English)
"Jose Vilson: Poet, Professor, Professional" from the Lower East Side, talks about children from environmentally abusive backgrounds, and environmental issues in the urban ghetto: "People are quick to blame their environment on the victim when almost all of the evidence shows that our condition stems from oppressive policies stemming back to when this country was first founded." Read his ardent pleading for the children`s cause: "Not everyone’s has been as fortunate as I am, though, which is why I fight for them."
A Synopsis of The Road Less Wanted

The Sherpa Project from USA (in English)
Ben Carey talks about Elimination as the ultimate reduction. "It’s fairly common to hear the phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle". ... I’d propose taking this list a step further. Reduction is a good option, but even better is complete elimination. I guess that in a way, it’s the ultimate reduction." Go to his post and enjoy his teachings. He is a good teacher, I can assure you!

World of Mo from Germany (in German)
Mo talks about the problems bio fuel (fuel from food plants) like Bio Ethanol are causing for Third World Countries: while carrying great hopes for the fight against Global Warming they drastically reduce the means in the fight against hunger. Food plants are replaced by fuel plants because they yield higher prices. Food becomes less available and more expensive in consequence. Mo suggests hydrogen as fuel of the future, but that is a long way to go ... Very knowledgeable, enlightening and definitely biased in the fight fuel contra food.
Blog Action Day: Biokraftstoffe – Klimaschutz für die erste auf Kosten der dritten Welt? from Denmark (in Danish), 16 year old blogger from Denmark, blogs about Blackle, the "Black Google", and recommends using it, as a black screen is saving energy! Follow his advice, find the link to Blackle here:
Blog Action Day: Spar energi med Blackle

You might also want to look at my own contributions to Blog Action Day in my various blogs:
30 Ways To Save The Earth
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Photo by TrekEarth: Eagle, by Andrew Chew

blog action day


Sea-Fever Consulting LLC hat gesagt…

Thanks for visiting, reading and sharing the Sea-Fever blog (htp://sea-fever) with your GREEN Power Mall readers! Hope that Blog Action Day made a few more people think about taking care of our planet.

Emil Petru hat gesagt…

Danke fur den Link zu meinem Blog-Action-Day Post. Habe, wie vorher erwahnt, deine Idee mit den Links zu andere Posts ubernommen...aber nur auf "Rumanien-Ebene"...
Finde deine grun-blau-rosa Blogs richtig gut...