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Autumn Leaves are Coming: Get Ready to Compost!

By Chris Baskind of Lighter Footstep

Don't think of it as autumn. Think of it as nature's little hint to get composting.
Fall is just around the corner -- and with it, an ample supply of carbon-rich leaves to stock your compost pile. Rather than sending them to the landfill, why not set them aside to improve next season's soil?
Leaves count as "brown" bulk in a compost heap. They're half the equation: you'll need a roughly equal amount of nitrogen-bearing "greens," as well. Green material includes grass clippings and most forms of vegetable waste from your kitchen. Mix the two together with a little water, air, and sunshine, and you're set to improve next season's soil -- while reducing your household's output of solid waste.

Pulling it all together
Starting a compost heap can be as simple as layering brown and green materials and adding water. In practice, an enclosure is the best way to keep pets and pests out of your fresh compost, while maximizing the pile's efficiency. It can be as simple as a 3-by-3 foot mesh. Leave one side open or allow it to be removable so you can easily aerate the pile.

Wet is wonderful
Ideally, a compost heap should be kept about as wet as a wrung-out sponge. If you're building a new pile, you'll probably want to add a little water as you lay out your layers. How much you'll need to water the pile -- and how often -- will be determined by your local climate. Loosely covering your compost heap with a tarp or drop cloth might be sufficient to hold moisture. Dry areas will require more attention.

Turn, turn, turn
A healthy compost heap should smell earthy, not rank. Ammonia-like odors are usually a sign of anaerobic bacteria. You've got to turn your stack about once a week to make sure beneficial bacteria has enough air to grow. An old-fashioned pitchfork works just fine.

Commercial compost bins
Manufactured compost bins are a convenient alternative to the traditional pile. They're generally made of plastic -- often from recycled materials -- and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular rotate, which makes turning your pile an effortless task. Since they're closed, commercial bins are a good choice if you have problems with pets or pests plundering your compost. You'll also enjoy more control over the heap's moisture, which translates into quicker compost turnover.

Composting resources
Want to find out more? Here are some great places to find composting advice and supplies:
Compost Guide: Background information and supplies. A fairly comprehensive guide to designing and managing all sorts of compost projects.
Compost This: A Lighter Footstep favorite. Lists virtually everything you can -- and cannot -- compost.
Garden Organic: This page has a clean explanation of the differences between "cold" and "hot" compost piles.
Red Worm Composting: Got kids? This will be popular. Vermicomposting uses earthworms to break down your compost pile. Icky, fun, and efficient. It's also popular to do red worm composting indoors: a great option for apartment dwellers or in places where an outdoor pile isn't practical.

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