Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2008

Entrecard makes a bold move in blogging history

Frankly I cannot understand why there are still some of you bloggers who aren't in EntreCard. This is a brilliant system that finally delivers the traffic we all want for our blogs! And what is more - it is an incentive to visit other blogs daily, so you have the additional joy of reading great blogs on a daily base. You get credits for both - visiting and being visited!

AND NOW - fot the first time in history you get credits, too, for commenting! Entrecard has just announced partnership with SezWho:

"The objective is to make valuable contributions to others’ posts, and fast track your blog to success."
"The credits we give you per comment bridge the gap between your desire to comment and the effort required to actually leave a comment. It will serve as a daily reminder that you should be commenting on blogs that interest you. It will give you a push to go above and beyond your normal comment, and make the best comment you can. Exploring blogs in your niche, making valuable contributions to them, and forging new relationships should be a routine, not a rarity. After all, super-bloggers are made, not born."

Watch THIS VIDEO to see exactly what SezWho does.

How to join

Step 1. Join Entrecard: just click on the E-widget in my sidebar where it says: Get One (= an EntreCard). It's easy, it's FREE and it works.
Step 2. Register with SezWho via Entrecard Dashboard
Step 3: Installing SezWho on your blog
Step 4: Rating Comments and Earning Credits

Once SezWho is installed on your blog, and you’ve registered your account with Entrecard (see Step 2), you will now start earning credits when you leave comments, and others will earn credits when they comment on your blog, dramatically increasing the frequency with which your blog gets commented.

Now I think this is really "a bold move in blogging history"!

I have installed SezWho on all my blogs so you can now use the feature right here if you want.
But I will not conceal from you that there are of course different opinions on that. There is already a great debate underway whether this "getting paid" for comments is a good thing ot not!

Read JoeTech versus Steven Humour

What is your point? Join in and share your thoughts here. You are very welcome.


Ang totoo niyan eh, takot ako sa payaso, isama mo na ang butiki at kahit anong gumagapang. hat gesagt…

i just joined entrecard, just by accident. and i find it really helpful. so many bloggers that i happen to stumble and know the diversity beyond just writing.

Laane hat gesagt…

I'm trying it out now, but the comments are not counted, it seems.

I have to find out what I'm doing wrong.

Familia Khuletz hat gesagt…

Yes, I don't know why some still don't use Entrecard. Not only is the dropping addictive, seeing your traffic moving is addictive, too!


EC has been incredibly beneficial for my sites. I hope the Sez Who function will also be to the advantage of so many of us.

Nice post.